New trying to debug missing menubar

Joseph Garvin k04jg02 at
Tue Dec 27 23:18:49 CST 2005

So I've worked on this some more but I'm still stuck =)

The +menu log shows a couple CreateMenu calls that I can immediately 
dismiss -- they're for the system menu (the one you get when you click 
the upper left box in the title bar). Using +win, there's a call to 
CreateWindowEx that passes a value for hMenu, but the name of this 
window is "listbox" and the app does have a listbox, and the listbox 
doesn't have it's own menu, so I'm assuming as per the MSDN docs this 
hMenu is actually a child window identifier (MSDN says that can be the 
case for certain window styles, and it looks like dlls/user/win.c does 
check for this, see here:

Question: What's the "correct" behavior for CreateWindowEx to take if no 
hMenu is passed in english? I'm not sure what logic the code snippet 
below is following.

There's another call to CreateWindowEx that appears to be making the 
main window, that has no hMenu value passed to it. I planted a bunch of 
TRACE's in dlls/user/win.c and found that it's getting to the following 
section of CreateWindowEx:

(Around line 1046 or so, should be 10 or so lines off because of stuff 
I've added)

            LPCSTR menuName = (LPCSTR)GetClassLongPtrA( hwnd, 
            if (menuName)
                if (!cs->hInstance || HIWORD(cs->hInstance))
            TRACE("We get right here\n");
                    cs->hMenu = LoadMenuA(cs->hInstance,menuName);
                    cs->hMenu = 

                if (cs->hMenu)
            MENU_SetMenu( hwnd, cs->hMenu );

In this section menuName is the same as the class name passed to 
CreateWindowEx. I don't know if that should cause problems. I haven't 
started looking at what GetClassLongPtrA does yet.

LoadMenuA must end up returning null, because it never ends up getting 
to the SetMenu call. Through judicious trace planting, I've deduced this 
string of calling:

LoadMenuA - > FindResourceA -> FindResourceExA -> findresourceA -> 
LdrFindResource_U -> find_entry -> RtlImageDirectoryEntryToData

And then a check this check returns true:

(Around line 2037 :P)

 if (!(addr = nt->OptionalHeader.DataDirectory[dir].VirtualAddress)) 
return NULL;

At that point I stopped because I've now delved into the realm of deep 
black magic, and I suspect the bug must be somewhere earlier in the 
chain (probably in CreateWindowEx).

Thoughts? Ideas? :P

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