wine's setupapi.dll / newdev.dll ?

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Thu Dec 29 03:57:50 CST 2005

On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 12:46:48AM -0800, Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
> I've been working on a still image implementation for
> wine / ReactOS for a while now, and I've only recently
> realised how impossible it is in wine at the moment...
> wine's SETUPAPI.DLL is not even in its infancy, it
> doesn't even let you enumerate non-serial-port
> devices, and doesn't load class-installers, so you
> can't even install a scanner's INF file. I see that
> ReactOS's implementation is better and it is under the
> right (LGPL) licence; are we planning on including it
> into wine, and if so, when?

If it can be ported to the WINE framework ...
Feel free to submit patches ...

> wine's NEWDEV.DLL is pure stubs - so you can't even
> start installing the device INF file. ReactOS's latest
> SVN version of it is a little closer to what I need,
> but can we include GPL code in wine? (I've asked the
> developers to relicense it under the LGPL for us, but
> they haven't gotten back to me yet).
> So what should I do - submit my STI.DLL and STI_CI.DLL
> into wine now, even though they won't be usable for a
> good while - or wait for wine to mature?

I would say only if we can make sure it works continously.

What does STI provide? Access to digital cameras and scanners?

Ciao, Marcus

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