[Bug 3095] ID Collisions in menus

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Thu Dec 29 07:12:39 CST 2005

"Ann & Jason Edmeades" <us at edmeades.me.uk> wrote:

> Currently my added tests are:
> 1. Menu with menuitem id A, get info via id A obviously gives the menuitem
> 2. Menu containing empty submenu with hmenu (and hence id) of B, getinfo via
> id B gives the menuitem (ie popups can be returned)
> 3. Menu containing submenu with hmenu (and hence id) of B which in turn
> contains 2 menu items, both with id of B. Getinfo on id B gives the first of
> the two items.

Again, the very first thing I'd suggest to do is to write a comprehensive test
case and send it to wine-patches with appropriate todo_wine statements to make
it pass. Then we could see exact steps which lead to a failure and could start
thinking of a possible fix.


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