wine's setupapi.dll / newdev.dll ?

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Dec 29 19:20:33 CST 2005

Damjan Jovanovic wrote:

> So what should I do - submit my STI.DLL and STI_CI.DLL
> into wine now, even though they won't be usable for a
> good while - or wait for wine to mature?

It's likely somebody will have some comments on your code or Alexandre 
will require you to change the way things are done before he accepts it 
into Wine.

With this in mind, you should submit what you have early to get feedback 
on it.  You should also attempt to break it up into smaller seperate, 
independent parts where possible.

For example, if you've changed include/sti.h, you could submit those 
changes first, as they're low risk and should be applied without any 
trouble.  Same for any other improvements to Wine that makes sense on 
their own.

Some people are working on a driver framework for Wine, so you might 
want to consult with them about the best way to share that framework.


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