[oleaut32] Fix for pr4190, "_invoke unsupported number of arguments 15 in stdcall"

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at oribi.org
Fri Dec 30 01:56:29 CST 2005

Dan Kegel wrote:

>The riched20 test app described in
>seems to require the patch
>which adds support for invoking functions with 15 or 16 parameters.
>This is similar to the first patch in
>Wine for Windows ISVs: http://kegel.com/wine/isv
I don't think Alexandre is going to download the patch. For me 
(thunderbird-linux) attaching the pach works. For testing, you can send 
a patch to yourself, save the raw message and try*
$ **cat raw_mail | patch -p0
**$ cat raw_mail | patch -p1
According to Alexandre's Bottom Line [1].
If you still have problems I could download the patch and forward the 

[1] http://www.winehq.com/site/docs/winedev-guide/style-notes

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