WineTools is in need of some major house cleaning!

Tom Wickline twickline at
Fri Dec 30 02:31:43 CST 2005

Hello Everyone,

Anyone who reads the posting on this list already knows that I stood up for
the wineTools project and almost made a couple enemies... But me and Vitaliy
came to a half way agreement on whether or not we should keep the link
on our downloads page to WineTools....

I feel I need to ask a couple questions here about the future of WineTools.

1) Are the concerns that Vitaliy brought up being looked into ?

2) On sourceforge there are still downloads of version 1.30 from 
December 3, 2003 why is this? and do you plan to cancel this project
or at least update it?
sourceforge site:

3 )Freshmeat list WineTools latest version at 2.1.0 and last updated 1
year, 4 months ago
do you plan to update this site and list new versions as there released?

4) Could the maintainers of WineTools help new users in #winehq on
irc? or start a new channel #wine-tools (or something to that effect)
and help WineTools users? Can you list either the #winehq channel or a
new channel on your site and ask experienced users to help new users?

You may also want to update this site with new and relevant info on the project:

WineTools has received a lot of good press over the last couple years!
And you guy's should be proud to take over project of it's importance.
I would like to know if you plan to take over the sourceforge and
freshmeat project sites and keep them up to date as you release new

I am not trying to be critical..... I hope winehq keeps the link to
your project but you guys may need help more on winehq, and also keep
information sites more up to date for this to take place. and also
look in to  Vitaliy's concerns.

Could some one from the WineTools project give us a update on our concerns here?



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