[Darwine] Re: Preliminary CD-Rom support on MacOS X #2

Pierre d'Herbemont stegefin at free.fr
Sat Dec 31 06:38:54 CST 2005

emmanuel maillard wrote:
> On 30 déc. 05, at 13:08, Robert Shearman wrote:
>> I appreciate you splitting up your patches for easier review, but  
>> patches are meant to be independent atomic changes that improve  
>> the code. However, if Alexandre applied this patch alone then Wine  
>> wouldn't compile any more and this isn't acceptable.

> Any tricks are welcome.

Use git to create your separate patches (git format-patch) [1] from  
the small incremental changes you've committed to your own git  


[1] http://wiki.winehq.org/GitWine

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