- how to use in linux programs?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Feb 1 08:12:54 CST 2005

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 04:45:41AM -0800, Jon Griffiths wrote:
> Hi Luke,
> >i noticed that Wine has a
> The current MAPI code is very, very far from complete. I have been
> implementing it in a bottom up manner (i.e. starting with the lower
> level/utility functions and working up toward constructing the higher
> order functions/objects). For example, there is no table support at
> present (I have an IMAPITable implemenation of sorts, but its not
> ready to be committed yet, pending cleanup, tests and thread safety
> checks). Providing the message stores etc must then be built on top
> of these objects.
> I believe Crossover Office runs MS Outlook so you may have more
> success using the native dlls at this moment in time.
 ah ha, you're going to like this: i'm implementing exchange 5.5
 server so the native dlls don't help :)

 [hm, if crossover office runs ms outlook, that would mean that
  codeweavers enhanced the mapi code, hm...]

 what i am looking to do is to actually _implement_ a MAPI database,
 such that tables can be read etc.

 i haven't a clue what i'm doing, so am just copying the data from

 but it will look very strangely familiar to anyone who has been working
 for some time with MAPI.

 i spent two hours yesterday mapping the data structures in mapidefs.h
 into emsabp.idl.

 they're identical (idl file sent to wine-devel list yesterday).

> For the functions that are complete there is documentation in the
> source: "make htmlpages" from the base Wine dir will format these
> into readable html starting at documentation/html/index.html.

 thank you.

> If your tests will rely on an exchange server being present it is
> unlikely that you will be able to put them in the main wine tree, so
> a stand alone program is likely the best solution.
  ha ha - i am _replacing_ exchange 5.5 server :)

> As for sample programs, a quick google for "mapi sample program" and
> you will get a bunch of links, including some freely downloadable MS
> samples. 

 ... i am kinda looking for something with a Makefile, compiles and
 links against Wine directly - under linux not windows.

 i am inclined to rip bits of code out of Wine (parts of header
 files so far) until i can get to grips with it.

 the thing is that by the time i am done, there will be some code that
 should just... integrate in a _very_ obvious manner into Wine's
 MAPI32.dll implementation, providing an interface to Nspi (emsabp.idl)
 and EcMapi (emsmdb.idl).

 ... it's just that at the moment i haven't really got a handle on this
 stuff: all i can say is i appear to be implementing MAPI tables and
 MAPI properties etc. but don't know what those really are.


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