RESEND: Enable GCOV Code Coverage

Robert Shearman rob at
Tue Feb 1 10:39:00 CST 2005

Aaron Arvey wrote:

>This is the third or fourth resend... anything I'm unaware of?
>We're using gcov and lcov to measure how well the Wine test suite
>covers the wine source tree.  Here's our first cut at making it easy
>to run wine compiled for coverage testing, and view the results
>using the simple text interface of gcov.  A seperate patch for
>lcov will be released soon.

I think the issue with this patch is that it isn't it doesn't appear to 
be useful for a significant number of people and could be maintained as 
an external patch by the people who do think it's useful. Maybe you 
could try to persuade us as to why everyone should be using gcov?


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