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Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Tue Feb 1 19:56:04 CST 2005

On Tue, 01 Feb 2005 07:38:42 -0600, Jeremy White <jwhite at> wrote:
> I've been speaking privately with Eben Moglen about this
> new effort, and he tells me that they would like to
> have the Wine Project as one if their very first clients.

I think this is an excellent idea.  

Your three ideas were great.  I can also think of a few other things:

1) EULA enforcement.  Are there areas where EULA's don't apply, is
that information useful to us in any way, or is it information we want
to publish?
2) Along the same lines, I'm sure most MS EULA's have boilerplate that
says, "If any part of this EULA is unenforceable, it does not affect
the other parts."  Are there any parts of MS EULA's that aren't
enforceable because they are a monopoly?  What about redistribution
rights?  Can the "core fonts" be packaged?
3) An inward look at Wine - are there copyright/trademark issues we
need to be aware of other countries?
4) I'm going to be writing a chapter called "Enterprise Deployment"
for this little book in a few weeks.  Something I need to cover is
licensing .  Would they be willing to review it?  It's going to be
about 3 - 5 pages long.
5) *putting on PR hat* Is there something we could have them look at
or something they could do that would that would be newsworthy?  If
both OSDL and Wine could come out with a press release it might create
a nice buzz.  Something like, "OSDL Successfully Lobbies Macrovision
to Produce Safedisc Driver for Wine".


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