Wine legalities

Ira Krakow ikrakow_1999 at
Tue Feb 1 21:16:06 CST 2005

I agree - this is an exciting development. Microsoft's
ability to spread FUD and their legal budget are
enormous.  We need this kind of expert help.
Here's an area where I'd like an expert opinion.  In
the Winelib part of the Wine book, I'd like to include
an example of converting a Microsoft VC++ 6.0 MFC
application.  This is Winelib's primary target, in my
opinion.  My question is:  how far can I go?  There
are proprietary Microsoft header files that need to be
included - does the Microsoft EULA allow disclosure of
what these header files are?  Or is it only legally
safe to say something generic like "....figure out for
yourself which header files you need to #include..."?
In general, I think Microsoft has to tread lightly on
the issue of running Microsoft apps in Linux. 
Certainly, they're within their rights to hang up if a
Linux/Winword user calls the help desk.  But going
after a company who legally pays for Winword licenses
and runs Winword in Linux/Wine is another matter,
bringing up the antitrust bogeyman again.  Getting an
expert legal opinion on this would be very useful. 
IMHO, even if Microsoft was legally on solid footing,
it would be a huge PR disaster for them.  Eventually,
these issues will come to a head.

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