Wine legalities

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Tue Feb 1 23:15:26 CST 2005

Mike wrote:
> I'm sure Microsoft would be more than happy to charge you $400/hr
> (or whatever their support rate is) to solve your problems running
> Microsoft Office on Windows 2000, Wine/Linux, or even MS-DOS 3.1
> if you want.
> Just have your credit card details ready :)

Heh.  Yeah.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they're secretly a little
supportive of Crossover (maybe less so for winehq): they _still_ get their
Office revenue, but none of the support costs.  If Linux ever got big
enough on the desktop that they could make similar margins as they make on
MacOS with Office, you can bet they'd make such a beast.  But the support
costs (for the desktop) are too high, and the revenue too low.

The fact that you guys (codeweavers) can do it just shows a) you're not
spending a small nation's GDP on marketing, and b) you're a whole lot
smarter :)


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