Newest winrash problems?

Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Fri Feb 4 09:27:32 CST 2005

There was a bug introduced in 0010 where I was fgets()'ing and checking for feof() on file opened with "wb".  Thus the debug file was growing out of control.  I released 0011 to fix this issue and I'm hoping that people get the upgrade when their PC's restart.


> From: Paul Vriens <Paul.Vriens at>
> Date: 2005/02/04 Fri AM 03:36:56 EST
> To: cmorgan at
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> Subject: Re: Newest winrash problems?
> On Thu, 2005-02-03 at 16:21, Chris Morgan wrote:
> > I'm not actually installing winsock2, just popping up a dialog during the installer mentioning that you need winsock2 if you are running on a win95 machine.  What I *should* do is somehow get the nsis installer script to check for the winsock2 dlls and actually run the installer, but thats a bit more difficult than just displaying a dialog with text and a web link.
> > 
> > Chris
> Hi Chris,
> maybe you could have that one be de-selected on default? The number of
> win95 running winrash seem to be outnumbered by the others.
> > > I had some problems with Winrash bailing out on 2 of my win98 systems.
> > > Apparently this was because a new winrash was available and it tried to
> > > install that?
> > > After uninstalling winrash 0009 and installing 0010 it works again. One
> > > of the main differences is that winrash 0010 has an extra winsock2
> > > install, could this be the cause?
> > > 
> I saw there's now even a 0011. The following problems where observed by
> me while the automatic upgrade took place:
> - for some reason the previous TAG was not used anymore. If you look at
> you will see a load of
> IDWASEMPTY's. (more than usual)
> - On my WinNT4 box, the debug log file grew to 2GB!
> Both of the above where solved by un-installing what was there and
> installing the latest. I do think there's something wrong in the
> automatic upgrade of winrash.
> Cheers,
> Paul.

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