Wine legalities

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Fri Feb 4 20:14:56 CST 2005

> For diff files, it depends if there is some context
> and if you change
> some lines or only add/remove some.
> It's perfectly possible (even if not much readable
> afterwards) to not
> have any context lines, to inject #if 0/#endif pairs
> around lines to
> remove, and to simply add lines to be added. I think
> it could be argued
> that the resulting diff isn't based on the original
> file (only line
> numbers are referenced), as it can be applied
> without error to any file
> having at least the same number of lines. Of course,
> the results will
> probably be useless unless you apply it to the
> original file.
> If you need to modify part of a line, then it's much
> more tricky, and I
> don't think it's a good idea to publish your
> resulting diff.

I was thinking about trying to setup a bounty website 
so that people can pay to have, or to vote for bugs in
OSS being fixed and so see a return on an investment
whilst helping OSS[everybody] out.

The problem is patches... 
The solution I came up with is this 

publish the part of the patch that has modified or
unmodified existing code in it under the correct
license for the existing (say GPL)

Then publish the rest under whatever license you like.

For GPL &co, as soon as the two patches are merged by
someone else they have to become GPL. this is good
enough for bounty work, since you can charge to make
the non-GPL bit GPL.

If you are in the USA that was not legal advice, if
your not in the US I'll argue the point with the FSA
with you.

As for MSDN I hand retype everything that is a fact
and  even put in my own artistic spelling mistakes
just to be on the safe side.

> Of course, IANAL and YMMV.
> Vincent

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