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Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at
Sat Feb 5 04:43:16 CST 2005

Le vendredi 04 février 2005 à 23:33 -0500, Chris Morgan a écrit :
> Tony pointed out a handful of cases where it is useful to have multiple urls 
> for an appId and perhaps multiple urls for a versionId.  Do we have that 
> functionality right now via another mechanism?  I think we should look to add 
> such a capability back into the appdb since it was used for a small number of 
> apps.
> Chris

I'd be interested to know about these cases, do you have examples ?

An example of app where we have URLs in application is here: (Word). IMHO (if the
examples you are speaking about are like the Word example), in this case
it is much more clear to put the link in the description than to have
only a one-word description for each link.

¦ AbiWord          ¦               ¦
¦ CrossOver Office ¦  Description  ¦
¦   ¦               ¦

¦ Description                      ¦
¦                                  ¦
¦ Try it with CrossOver Office !   ¦
¦                                  ¦
¦ *Native alternatives:*           ¦
¦ - AbiWord                        ¦
¦ -                 ¦

As you can see you can be much more descriptive and classify the
interesting links.

In versions URLs have still a lot of sense as you can do thinks like:
¦ Download app     ¦               ¦
¦ Download MSX.dll ¦  Description  ¦
¦                  ¦               ¦

See here for example:

As I said I'd be interested to see these special cases where App URLs
make sense. If there are more than only 4-5 application that need it and
you think that the way to do it above is not right in these cases (or in
all cases) we should of course bring back this feature.

To bring it back:
1) readd appid in appdata table: bad as it is strange to have columns
with appid=0 for screenshots and versionid=0 for URLs


2) rename appdata in versiondata, create a new appdata table and create
an url class that has an appid and version id parameter, if appid is
given, queries will be made in appdata and if it's versionid they'll be
made in versiondata


3) readd appid in appdata table and let people ad screenshots for
applications (this can be screenshot of the application running in
windows to show people how it looks like normally). I personnaly don't
like it too much as the purpose of removing App URLs and version
Keywords was to remove the bloat in editing pages to ease the task of
maintainers and try to have a consistant appdb.



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