Graphical debugging instead of winedbg

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Sun Feb 6 18:47:22 CST 2005

> >vCount should be valid so I'll see if I can find
> out
> >what's not going on.
> > 
> Weird - I just cannot get things working with this
> one. I'm happy to try any
> graphical environment, or update portions of my
> Linux to get it working -
> Any suggestions on where to start?

kdbg and ddd work fine it's just that winedbg is
missing some gdb remote debugging proxying.

I used
winedebug --gdb --no-start myapp.exe

For DDDd

load wine-pthread in ddd
entered the 'target remote localhost:######'
then typed 

For kdbg (1.9.5) kde 3.2.3

kdbg -r localhost:##### /usr/bin/wine-pthread

> Jason

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