Real-world appdb

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Sun Feb 6 22:53:59 CST 2005

Holly Bostick wrote:
> I had to go through 4 links just to get to the main application page.
> First, the sidebar link from the main site to the appdb front page. This 
> front page is useless to me (and imo, fairly useless overall), since the
> majority of the "Gold" and "Silver' apps so prominently listed I already
> do/would use the native alternatives for in the case of winzip, p7zip, 
> Paint (Paint??! it's barely useful under Windows!), SimCity, IE, Excel, 
> ACDSee, Money, Frontpage/Dreamweaver, and Ant Movie Catalog. Others I do 
> not use at all, either because I have no use for them, in the case of 
> Powerpoint, Access and Visio, or because they are "special interest 
> programs" as in the case of Warcraft and Age of Empires (I play games, 
> but not those).

I wonder why AoE is in the silver list, it won't be that trivial to get it working properly, 
actually there's quite a lot to do.


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