Regression in "DeusEx"

Nick Hornback vidar268 at
Sun Feb 6 17:39:27 CST 2005

>> The patch:
>> Log message:
>>    Get rid of the WIN_NEEDS_BEGINPAINT flag,
Windows will happily loop
>>    forever too if WM_PAINT is not handled properly.
>> Causes regression in the game "DeusEx".
>> The game was playable before of the patch, now it
>> in the 2th title screen.
> The same patch causes regression in the game
> "Trickstyle". The same problems, it was playable,
and > now it freezes in the 2th title screen.
> Regards,
> Carlos.

The same problem is present with the audio player
Foobar2000, same patch regression. From what I
understand, it stems from the fact that in native
Windows BeginPaint/EndPaint are technically not
nessessary, but Wine thinks they are.

I posted a bit of sample code that was given to me by
the guy that wrote Foobar2000 about a month ago (look
for the topic Foobar2000 Audio Player Regression) that
showed some painiting without Begin/End Paint that
works fine on native Windows but not Wine -- looking
at it now... the sample code is missing a final
closing "}", sorry.

Anyway, glad to see Foobar isn't the only program
effected by this.

--Nick Hornback

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