Wine for Linux PPC emulate Mac OS

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Mon Feb 7 10:42:28 CST 2005

M-Rick wrote:
> The Wine project has been created to emulate 
> Windows to be able to run windows softwares directly under Linux without 
> to have to emulate Windows.
> It's very great and wonderful idea !
> The Darwine project aims to to the same 
> but under Mac OS X with adding also the emulation of an x86 CPU.
> But, I wanted to know something, or even to make a proposal.
> Would it be possible to make a special Wine version for Linux PPC that 
> instead of emulating Windows would emulate Mac OS ?
> Yes there's already the very great Mac On Linux PPC (MOL) 
> that can let run Mac OS applications, but you 
> have to run Mac OS in parallel ... It is great, but Mac OS takes rooms 
> and CPU and for some usages, maybe it is not completely useful. Would it 
> be possible to make such a software a WinePPC for exemple that would let 
> run Microsoft Office X 2004 Mac or Adobe CS Mac or Macromedia MX Mac 
> directly under Linux PPC without having to install a Mac OS ?
No that wouldn't work at all as Wine is a reimplementation of the Win32 
API and MacOS dosn't use that. So you would need to start a new project 
that implements the MacOS API.


> To make simple to run Mac OS softwares directly under the Linux desktop 
> environment.

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