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Huw D M Davies h.davies1 at
Mon Feb 7 11:10:54 CST 2005

On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 11:38:05AM -0500, Eric Frias wrote:
> I'm trying to get winelib working on a platform whose X server doesn't 
> have native support for TrueType fonts.  I've configured wine with 
> freetype, but it never seems to display the TrueType fonts.  I don't 
> have xfsft or xfstt installed.
> Should I expect this to work?  I don't understand whether Wine uses the 
> freetype library to render TrueType fonts, or if it just uses it for 
> some other purpose (like getting metrics) and still depends on the font 
> server to render the fonts.
> I see messages like this when wine starts, so it looks like wine is 
> finding my fonts, but when I Call CreateFont("Arial"), it never maps to 
> a TrueType font:
> trace:font:ReadFontDir Found "arial.ttf" in 
> "/devel/syncad/.SynaptiCAD/mnt/c/windows/Fonts"
> trace:font:AddFontFileToList Loading font file 
> "/devel/syncad/.SynaptiCAD/mnt/c/windows/Fonts/arial.ttf" index 0
> trace:font:AddFontFileToList fsCsb = 400001ff ffff0000/00007a87 80000000 
> 00000008 00000000
> trace:font:AddFontFileToList Added font L"Arial" L"Regular"

If you've got this, then it means Wine is happily using FreeType.  In
this case Wine will (by default) render the fonts itself and display
them via the X RENDER extension.  This means that it'll not use X11
font mechanisms at all.  If Wine can't use the RENDER extension then
it will fallback to using X requests such as XPutImage which again
won't use the X11 font mechanism.

In fact Wine will only use X11 fonts if either:

a. You tell Wine to do so in the config file
b. Wine can't find any TrueType fonts
c. Wine can't find, or wasn't compiled with, a working version of

Huw Davies
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