[Darwine] Wine for Linux PPC emulate Mac OS

Jakob Eriksson jakov at vmlinux.org
Tue Feb 8 03:50:26 CST 2005

M-Rick wrote:

> It is not exactly what i Said at all.
> I said to run directly under Linux PPC Mac OS software without runing 
> Mac OS, this project looks to be interesting but intends to run Mac OS 
> softwares on x86 hardware, me what I spoke about is for PPC 
> architecture. A kind of WineHQ PPC only Mac OS libs instead of 
> Windows, so a bit softpear but to run directly on ppc hardware, so 
> without any emulation. It is a melt of WineHQ, softpear and Mac On Linux.

Have a look at ABI for Linux. They do this, but for x86 and sparc and 
other UNIXes than Mac OS X.


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