wine + winamp: fixme:wave:OSS_AddRingMessage two fast messages in the queue!!!!

seut su at
Tue Feb 8 10:25:37 CST 2005


we are using winamp 2.95 with latest wine 0.0.20040914 and are wondering
what there is about these 'fixme:wave:OSS_AddRingMessage two fast
messages in the queue!!!!' messages dumped out at the console every few
Same happens(but with 'ALSA_AddRingMessages' of course) if we're using
the wine alsa-driver.

Winamp normally works, but sometimes there is a 15sec pause at the
playback, so we are trying to search the problem.

I watched the wine source-code, but as my less C knowledge I didn't
really understand the part where this 'FIXME' message is implemented.
As I understand the code, why somebody added the 'FIXME' message to the
code, if the code can handle this problem(two fast messages)?

Or can somebody explain me the reason for this 'two fast messages'? 

thanks a lot

btw. I'm not a member of the mailing-list, so please send answer to me
and please don't suggest us to use a native linux-player instead, for
some reasons, we have to use winamp..

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