Lotus Notes - still broken

Paul R Streitman prs at us.ibm.com
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Very interesting, especially the installation!  I am running Notes 6.53
installed under WinXP on a fat32 partition.  As of
http://cvs.winehq.org/patch.py?id=14725   on 12/07, notes will start but
once you do just about anything (for example, open your inbox using the
'smarticon' at the top of the left toolbar) it apparently hangs (maybe just
stops painting?) and must be removed via 'killall -9 wine-preloader'.  Any
level before that works O.K. (there are other minor problems but they do
not stop Notes from working at all like this one).  At least two other
people have since reported the same problem to this forum and one of the
other persons entered http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2660 for it.

Here is my config file: (See attached file: wine-config.)  I have a link to
my real C: partition in my dosdevices links, since that is where Notes

I do not think that it should matter, but at the moment I am running
current Mandrake Cooker, kernel 2.6.11-rc3, cvs Enlightenment window
manager.  My video support is the xorg Radeon driver (for a Thinkpad T41).
When I originally reported the problem, I also tried the KDE and AfterStep
window managers and of course had older levels of kernel, xorg, etc.

I am more than willing to do whatever is needed to help debug this problem.

Since you said that you can install with native MSI, does that mean that we
do not need those Windows DLLs anymore to get Notes to work?

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On Tue, 08 Feb 2005 15:35:04 -0500, Paul R Streitman wrote:
> This is not intended to be a nag, but since so very much has gone into
> in the two months since 12/07 I thought that I would try today's CVS
> with Lotus Notes.  As the subject says, it is still broken.

I'm afraid you'll have to forgive me, I've forgotten what your problem
was. Notes works OK here, it even installs with native MSI (this is WineHQ

Can you give me an exact sequence of steps needed to reproduce the

thanks -mike

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