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Wed Feb 9 11:10:35 CST 2005

> A Wine FAQ at the forefront of the appdb, or even linked to each
> application's overview page might be nice, too, for more general issues
> like the above comment-- an explanation of basic procedures such as
> exporting/importing registry entries, what common errors mean, like the
> "Warning: The specified Windows directory L"C:\\Windows" is not
> accessible" error and what to do about it, why not to get all freaked
> out by seeing "fixme"s, and simple statements like the fact that some 
> programs will run fine with wine /path/to/app.exe, but some will fail 
> that way with very scary looking errors, but will run fine if one first 
> cds to /path/to/ and then runs wine app.exe. This kind of thing is often
> something new Wine users don't know, but is a very simple way to
> eliminate possible vectors of error before going to any mailing list or
> forum with problems, and may eliminate the need for a user to ask for
> help at all (as the program works when started in the alternate manner).

[FIXED] I sent a patch that add and updates the content of the current
FAQs and help topics. You find a link to this documentation on the
right menu. Currently you have both Help & Support and  Documentation ,
but the patch I sent removes one of these two links and adds a link
called Help & Documentation which contains FAQ, explanation on how to
run Windows application under wine (you might want to add some entries
here) and also informatons about what a maintainer/supermaintainer is
and what he is expected to do.

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