winetest on wine and todo_wine

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Thu Feb 10 14:18:59 CST 2005

Paul Vriens wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 20:36, Mike Hearn wrote:
>>On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 20:13:21 +0100, Paul Vriens wrote:
>>>These tests are executed! Any ideas what could be wrong?
>>>If I execute the tests on my Wine box the tests are skipped.
>>You misunderstood what the meaning of todo_wine is - it doesn't mean
>>"these tests aren't quite right yet", it means "wine is buggy in this
>>place". So yes the tests will run on Windows because it's assumed that
>>every test case proves some fact about the way Windows works. Todo_wine
>>just stops the test suite complaining if Wine is known to be buggy.
>>thanks -mike
> So todo_wine skips the tests on Wine, yes. That's my point.
No, the todo_wine tests dosn't skip the tests on Wine. It just ignores 
them if they fail. If they succeed, it will tell you that you can remove 
the todo_wine.

> The link is was referring to was a test on Wine.
> If I run the shlwapi/shreg tests on Wine I get:
> [paul at penguin tests]$ ../../../tools/runtest -v -P wine -M shlwapi.dll
> -T ../../.. -p shreg.c && touch shreg.ok
> shreg.c:97:sExplen1 = (12)
> shreg.c:99:sExplen2 = (43)
> shreg.c: 45 tests executed, 2 marked as todo, 0 failures.
> which looks fine to me.
> Why are these not skipped on:
Because that's a Windows box and not Wine. todo_wine isn't for wrong 
tests which need to be fixed. If you need that functionality you have to 
comment the tests out.


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