Rewriting the User Guide Question: FreeBSD

Scott Ritchie scott at
Fri Feb 11 02:56:58 CST 2005

Ok so I'm going through the User Guide's getting/installing/compiling

Essentially my idea is to cannibalize most of it, since the information
is outdated, wrong, or at best duplicitous.

However, while combing through the User Guide, I realized that there's
some stuff I don't know much about - namely, FreeBSD.

So, if you're a Wine FreeBSD guru, take a moment to peek at the existing
"Getting Wine" chapter on the web site, and tell me if any of that
information is at all relevant.  My suspicion is that FreeBSD has
advanced quite a bit since the guide was written, and that all that
information is rather useless.

My goal is to eliminate most of the distro-specific stuff anyway, since
there are better places for it.

Scott Ritchie
Chief Executive Officer of further Wine documentation

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