Real-world appdb

Tom twickline at
Fri Feb 11 12:00:49 CST 2005

tony_lambregts at wrote:

> You are probably correct here. Certainly voting for an application 
> version makes more sense to me. However voting for any app makes no 
> "real" difference to the developers at this time.
> The voting system is an indication of how popular (important?) a 
> program is. I do think it really good at what it is supposed to do.
> I think that a system that indicates how popular a program is can be 
> usefull. certainly you would like to have the database users be able 
> to indicate that they would like a program to run. I would like to 
> propose the following changes.
> - Voting for app version ( not app family).
> - only one vote per person per version.
> - more total votes, say 10-20 instead of 3.
I would like to propose.........

- one person one vote
- vote for app family not version
- clear the current votes and start fresh...


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