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Holly Bostick motub at
Fri Feb 11 14:20:44 CST 2005

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Tom wrote:
> Chris Morgan wrote:
>>> Having a single vote per-person makes the assumption that the person 
>>> has a single application that they want working. Often users have a 
>>> handful of them. I'd prefer multiple votes per-person.
> Then vote for what you really want or need... I want to see 100 games 
> working but if I had to pick one
> it would be HL2. And if you give me 20 or 30 votes there *diluted* votes 
> from the get-go!
> If you have *one* vote its going to mean something...... if you have 
> 20-30 votes what is vote 28
> going to really mean to you? That you searched around looking for 
> something to vote for?
> We have 10 categories at this time and if we do move to multiable votes 
> I would only hope
> we set it to 1 vote per categorie and that would give 10 diluted votes....
> Tom
>>> Clearing the current votes is a safe bet.
>>> Chris

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