mmtimer resolution question

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Feb 11 18:22:06 CST 2005

> Removing the Yield fixes a regression in Need For Speed III
> where the loader and server consume 100% of the CPU.  This
> is with RH 9 which is a 2.4 kernel.

When did that regression first start?  The mmtime and
ntdll/sync.c code has been this way since late last fall.

The Yield is, imho, correct, except that it exposes the
fact that we don't correctly implement Windows priority
schemes.  That can create nasty conditions.

But I wonder if something else changed that is causing this.

I'm particularly surprised to find it on a 2.4 kernel; the
2.4 kernel quanta was ~ 40 ms, which made Linux a bit less
sensitive to cpu hogging threads.



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