more mmtimer questions

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Sat Feb 12 11:36:58 CST 2005

> in
> > TIME_TimersList and  ..->lpNext  instead of
> > referencing them or should it be changed to make
> sure
> > TIME_MMTimeStart and TIME_MMTimeStop etc.. use
> > critical sections.
> it's
> hard to imagine having just the right magic timing
> conditions and
> then also having a context switch occur during the
> short tight
> loops.
> I guess that's a long way of saying that yes, I
> think you have
> identified a flaw in the code, but that I can't
> imagine any way it's
> could cause the problem you're seeing.
Well, I've managed to reproduce the fault once with
the debugger running.. the backtrace I get is

TIME_MMSysTimeThread(arg=0x403ebcb8) winmm/time.c:249 
THREAD_Start  (ptr=0x40411f00) kernel/thread.c:107 
start_thread (info=0x40411f20) ntdll/thread.c:200 (0x4a8f8b2c) 
 ?? +0x5a in (0x00000000)

But that's not really useful, I couldn't find out how
to switch threads in winedbg so I don't known what the
backtraces of the other threads are..

would something like....

void	TIME_MMTimeStart(void)
 if(!InterlockedExchange(&TIME_activeTimer, TRUE))

void	TIME_MMTimeStop(void)
if(InterlockedExchange(&TIME_activeTimer, FALSE))

get around the critical section problems or should the
code be change to use it's own critical section or

> Cheers,
> Jer

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