ntdll/time.c - TZ_INFO

Tom twickline at sitestar.net
Sat Feb 12 11:42:36 CST 2005

Marcelo Duarte wrote:

> Uwe Bonnes escreveu:
>>>>>>> "Marcelo" == Marcelo Duarte <wine-devel at bol.com.br> writes:
>>    Marcelo> Hi, In my system/language I see some messages:
>>    Marcelo> fixme:ntdll:TIME_GetTZAsStr Can't match system time zone 
>> name
>>    Marcelo> "BRST" to an entry in TZ_INFO fixme:ntdll:TIME_GetTZAsStr
>>    Marcelo> Please add appropriate entry to TZ_INFO and submit as 
>> patch to
>>    Marcelo> wine-patches
>>    Marcelo> And before to update TZ_INFO I modifyied the FIXME and I 
>> think
>>    Marcelo> that it explain better the problem: 
>> fixme:ntdll:TIME_GetTZAsStr
>>    Marcelo> Can't match system time zone name "BRST", bias=120 and 
>> dst=1 to
>>    Marcelo> an entry in TZ_INFO. Please add appropriate entry to TZ_INFO
>>    Marcelo> and submit as patch to wine-patches
>>    Marcelo> And I see the real problem. In TZ_INFO bias=180 and dst=0. I
>>    Marcelo> added another BRST information. Is this correct?
>> I don't live in the Brasilian Timezone, so I cant tell. Maybe the old 
>> entry
>> was wrong,  or there is a mixup with standard and summer time...
>> Bye
> There is a mixup. Standart use bias=180, dst=0 ans summer use 
> bias=120, dst=1, but de same entry BRST. I dont know where to find 
> information to do the correct behavior.

BRT = Brasilia Time  -03:00 Offset from UTC
BRST= Brasilia Summer Time -02:00 Offset from UTC


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