mmtimer resolution question

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sat Feb 12 16:39:22 CST 2005

Robert Reif wrote:
> Jeremy White wrote:
>> Could you try the attached experimental patch and see
>> if it eliminates the NFS3 problem?
> It fixes the problem in NFS3 when using hardware
> accelerated sound.  Sound is really messed up when
> using HardwareAcceleration = Emulation.
> The direct sound regression tests run better in
> emulation mode but still not as good as the used to.

Could you recap this for me?  Afaik, we have 4 cases:
   1)  Current CVS tip
   2)  With a hack to kill the yield in wait timeouts
   3)  With my experimental priority adjustor
   4)  Behavior last fall before I started messing around.

So, #4 worked well with NFS3, in both modes?
#3 works fine with NFS3, but only in hardware accel sound.
#2 works with NFS3; with both sound modes?
#1 doesn't work at all, is that right?  Or does it work with hardware accel sound?



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