more mmtimer questions

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Sun Feb 13 17:31:12 CST 2005

Ok, it looks like dsound is causing problems, or at
the very least least alsa.

I've put the time.c stuff into it's own critical
section, to no effect.

I've also been getting a 'dead lock' with the critical
section pdbi->mmap_crst, but it's not really a dead
lock because the holding thread is zero

a bit of watching showed that crit->OwningThread was
zero but crit->LockCount was 1, I've set watchpoints
on crit->OwningThread and couldn't find any problems
so I can only assume that  crit->LockCount is being
set somewhere.. probably the same place as the MMTimer
stuff is getting clobbered.

Unfortunately winedbg's expressions aren't up to the
job of trapping OwningThread ==0 and LockCount != -1.

I've hacked out some basic internal  type and pointer
support for expressions in winedbg, but I promised
Jason I'd start sending in DirectX 9 so it'll have to

disp *((int *)0xaddress)) .. now works ok
and so does  x *(0xaddress)
so in theory 
cond 1 (*((int *)0xaddress)) != 0) should work too?

 --- Jeremy White <jwhite at> wrote: 
> > Well, I've managed to reproduce the fault once
> with
> > the debugger running.. the backtrace I get is
> Could you cut and paste in the full backtrace, with
> addresses, along with a diff of the debug changes
> you've
> made so I can see what's happening?
> Thanks,
> Jer

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