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Mon Feb 14 00:45:04 CST 2005

Le vendredi 11 février 2005 à 16:26 -0500, Tom a écrit :
> Holly Bostick wrote:
> > Placing applications such as those in a position of prominence not 
> > only gives users useful information and reassures them, but also 
> > reveals that you have done something *hard* to both the knowledgeable 
> > and the naive.
> >
> > Placing WinZip there says... nothing much at all.
> Well I would send a patch and some screen shots with some "Toatly Kewl 
> Apps & Games" running via wine
> but there is only one small problem.. I use native dlls some of the time 
> and for a app/game to be listed
> it cant use any native dlls...... It has to run 100% out of the box.

Well, there is no need for a patch. The "problem" here is appdb users
behaviour ;-). If Winzip is listed on the frontpage it's because people
voted for it. Just vote for another couple of Gold apps you like, it'll
remove Winzip from the front page. Now the fact that you vote for an
already Gold app is questionable as well.
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