Compiling the MFC using Winelib

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Mon Feb 14 03:42:16 CST 2005

Geoff Hart wrote:

> In fact, I often wonder why his work (which is very impressive) was 
> not included in the base?  It would
> seem ATL/MFC support is a very worthy addition to Wine.  Anyone care 
> to re-discuss why his patches
> were rejected?

This is my own fault I never sent them.
I sent them to wine-devel and not to wine-patches for review. I did not 
send them because they are kind of useless with out an example Project 
and Makefiles, and the ones I have are all old vanilla gcc Makefiles. I 
never came to the point to port them to winegcc Makefiles. So they are 
Just there on the mailing-list archives.

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