working installshield?

Robert Shearman rob at
Mon Feb 14 10:50:44 CST 2005

Marcus Meissner wrote:

>Is there any chance to have a working installshield at some time?
>I don't really want to fall back to the december or even earlier WINE
>releases for our spring SUSE Linux product ;)

I haven't been testing against InstallShield for a while, but last time 
I checked it was hanging because we do not process window messages 
during RPCs. If you want to implement this yourself, I can give you 
details on how to do this. I will get around to this eventually, but at 
the moment I have other priorities. If the worst happens and 
InstallShield is still not working, then you can still ship the December 
ole32 with the most recent Wine.


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