errors compiling wine tests with msvc

James Hawkins truiken at
Tue Feb 15 14:46:51 CST 2005


I've been compiling the wine tests with visual studio 2003, and there
are a couple errors popping up.  One of the errors is that the align
modifier is not allowed on function parameters, so most of the test
fail to compile with wine's headers because we align most of our data
types (AFAICS, I haven't looked through all of our winnt.h):

(from wine/include/winnt.h)
typedef unsigned __int64 DECLSPEC_ALIGN(8) ULONGLONG,  *PULONGLONG;

Whereas ms' ULONGLONG does not have the align modifier:

(from ms' winnt.h)
typedef unsigned __int64 ULONGLONG;

Should we reconcile the difference and remove the align from out
types?  If not the tests won't compile with vs so I guess the other
option would be to #pragma disable that warning.  Any ideas?

James Hawkins

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