Cross-test failed ...

Paul Millar paulm at
Tue Feb 15 17:26:39 CST 2005


Quick message: building cross-test died again (output below).  This 
time its the shell32 dll tests that are causing consternation.

Suggestions greatfully received.



i686-mingw32msvc-gcc generated.o shelllink.o shellpath.o shlfileop.o 
shlfolder.o string.o testlist.o  -o shell32_test.exe -lshell32 
-lole32 -lshlwapi -ladvapi32 -luuid
shelllink.o(.text+0xc1): In function `path_to_pidl':
undefined reference to `SHILCreateFromPath at 12'
distcc[21503] ERROR: compile on localhost failed
make: *** [shell32_test.exe] Error 1
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