errors compiling wine tests with msvc

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Feb 15 19:36:20 CST 2005

"James Hawkins" <truiken at> wrote:

> I've been compiling the wine tests with visual studio 2003, and there
> are a couple errors popping up.  One of the errors is that the align
> modifier is not allowed on function parameters, so most of the test
> fail to compile with wine's headers because we align most of our data
> types (AFAICS, I haven't looked through all of our winnt.h):
> (from wine/include/winnt.h)
> typedef unsigned __int64 DECLSPEC_ALIGN(8) ULONGLONG,  *PULONGLONG;
> Whereas ms' ULONGLONG does not have the align modifier:
> (from ms' winnt.h)
> typedef unsigned __int64 ULONGLONG;
> Should we reconcile the difference and remove the align from out
> types?  If not the tests won't compile with vs so I guess the other
> option would be to #pragma disable that warning.  Any ideas?

I'm compling Wine tests with MSVC and Wine headers on a regular basis
when I'm adding new tests or check for breakages. That works fine for
me, I don't have any problems with the process.

Here is a sample command line:

cl -W3 -O2 -MD -D_X86_ -Dinline=__inline -I. -I.\include -D__i386__ win.c testlist.c user32.lib gdi32.lib


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