winecfg: various drive detection enhancements

Michael Jung mjung at
Wed Feb 16 02:11:08 CST 2005

Hi Richard,

On Wednesday 16 February 2005 08:45, you wrote:
> Windows permits the user to set the name of the windows directory
> to whatever he desires. At one time I had directories called
> /Win31 and /Win98. Not a common practice, but you may wish to
> make provision for this if there are later revisions to the code.
> So the line above might look something like:
> cp "datadir/wine.inf" "$CROOT_WINDOWS/inf/wine.inf"
> if I understand your code correctly. On the other hand, there may be
> benefits in having a standard installation designed with a /windows
> directory in mind, and the wine user then handles non-standard
> installations with whatever skills he has available.

wineprefixcreate is executed only if the user calls wine without having a
'.wine' directory in place at all. What this means is that there is no 
registry and no configuration at all at this time. So there is no way that 
the user has already configured a "/Win98" as the system directory or 
somesuch. wineprefixcreate is meant to install a default configuration for 
users who don't have the knowledge or the desire to do so on their own. The 
configuration it installs is a good starting point to be tailored to your 
needs, though. It won't be touched by wineprefixcreate again, once it is 

That said, the line of code you are refering to is not from me. I've only 
added the call to winecfg.

Michael Jung
mjung at

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