World Of Warcraft

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Wed Feb 16 05:03:23 CST 2005

> > ERROR #0 (0x85100000)
> > Program:   C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
> > File:   C:\build\buildWoW\WoW\Source\Ui\MinimapFrame.cpp
> > Line:   1287
> > Expr:   !("CGMinimapFrame::Initialize(): can't get render target for
> > minimap")
> Well, it would better if we have the source :)
> But seems the game need Render On Texture support who is not supported by 
> current Wine OpenGL implementation as on windows is an WGL extension (and GLX 
> extensions mapping isn't done)

Yeah, this must be linked to our lack of support for either 'render to
texture' (which should come soon for GLX) or even basic PBuffer support (as
I suppose that any well programmed application would support both

I started a long time ago to add PBuffer support to Wine's OpenGL layer but
never finished (just went as far as sending the patch making it possible in
the WGL extension handling, did not do any actual code).

> > I posted a bug about this on December 7, 2004 at this location:
> > Nothing has happened yet with
> > this bug except for someone else confirming it.
> As to lionel why he dont look for openGL bugs reports :p

I must have missed this bug as otherwise I would have at least asked for an
+opengl log.

Anyway, I won't have time to work on any Wine stuff till .. errm ... let's
say mid April (with the snow that is still falling, I may be busy for a
while :-) ).


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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