[shell32tests/shelllink.c] Use aliases for ordinals

Paul Millar paulm at astro.gla.ac.uk
Wed Feb 16 05:15:21 CST 2005

Hi Francois,

In an ideal world, yes we should use the names such as 
SHILCreateFromPath etc. and fix MinGW.

However, we're not after testing MinGW, rather testing wine compared 
to Windows.  We know MinGW buggy!  But, the up-stream "vendor"s have 
been reluctant to merge in changes.  Because of this we've 
effectively forked MinGW package (albeit in a limit fashion).

Every new (to MinGW) function-call in the test-suite is one that *we* 
have to support and will break the autobuild of winetest.exe.  If we 
use ordinals, then winetest.exe doesn't break.  At the moment, this 
is happening every couple of weeks or so.  We're current getting 
about ~40% success rate in builds (this year, on average).

So, perhaps I could suggest a compromise.  When adding new tests, 
people check if they work under current MinGW.  If they don't, then 
the ordinal is used.

Once a month (or however often people care about this), we sweep up 
all the ordinal-based tests, patch MinGW to support them and switch 
back to named exports.  Could we hack together a macro that switches 
between ordinal-based to name-based exports?  That should eliminate a 
lot of the donkey work.

  o  winetest.exe build doesn't break
  o  less work when collecting/collating patches
  o  less work for me :)

  o  slightly more work for developers (but hopefully not *that* much
  o  have to put up with ugly ordinal exports.
  o  potential confusion at the switch over.

To me, the advantages out-weight the disadvantages.



On Wednesday 16 February 2005 09:58, Francois Gouget wrote:
> Paul Vriens wrote:
> > this makes the crosstest compile work again for shell32. Result
> > tested on win98/winxp.
> As far as I know, SHILCreateFromPath, ILFree and ILIsEqual are all
> exported by name on Windows. So, IMHO, unless we find a problem
> running the test on some Windows versions it would be better to fix
> MinGW.
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