portability fixes (yet another attempt)

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Wed Feb 16 05:45:10 CST 2005

"Thomas Weidenmueller" <wine-patches at reactsoft.com> wrote:

> > My understanding was that Dmitry suggested you modify your headers, 
> > not ours.
> I did, unfortunately wine's headers were/are also incomplete so porting 
> code that called vsnprintfW() or strtoulW() in any case would link 
> against libunicode (unnecessarily).

In order to get rid of a dependency on libunicode for vsnprintfW and strtoulW
you have to do the same header magic (if I understood Filip correctly) as you
already do for strcmpW/wcslen and map them to whatever ntdll equivalent is

Your very recent version of the patch still has strlenW/wcslen changes not
acceptable for Wine code, if you could resend it again without it that
would be great.


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