How to install Mozilla ActiveX on demand

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Feb 16 10:30:55 CST 2005

Marcelo Duarte wrote:

> Hi,
> The Wine asks if I want to install the Mozilla ActiveX control, 
> however it does not give no indication as to make this.
> Looking for in the patches, I found failed to meet information.
> See:
> That indicates:
> [Software\\Wine\\shdocvw] 1089668326
> "Url"=" 
> <>"
> But the correct is:
> [Software\\Wine\\shdocvw] 1089668326
> "MozillaUrl"=" 
> <>"
> So, I decided to show to the user as to make this.
> Also I corrected a small error of presentation.
> Changelog:
> Marcelo Duarte
> Show to the user how to install Mozilla ActiveX on demand

Why not fix the key rather than telling the user to do it?


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