get rid of unnecessary libunicode dependencies in some more places

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Feb 16 11:33:43 CST 2005

Thomas Weidenmueller wrote:

> I'm sorry I don't know how these things are handled in wine. I 
> basically made these patches so we don't depend on libunicode in 
> reactos anymore as these things are supported by the native api. 
> However, these functions should now basically either link to ntdll (or 
> in the "worst" case to msvcrt). I can't even compile and link wine 
> because I haven't managed to setup a build environment... it however 
> works fine in reactos compiling with mingw. As I'm not familiar with 
> libc and the other stuff wine depends on, I'd appreciate if someone 
> who has better knowledge in this area to "fix" these patches.
> It'd however be great if these libraries can be built without 
> libunicode because it's something obsolete for reactos (and libunicode 
> has been bugging some of us devs).

How about this for ReactOS:
1. Create a replacement for include/wine/unicode.h that has the following:
    #define strlenW wcslen
    #define strcpyW wcscpy
2. Apply a patch to each of the DLLs that currently link with libunicode 
to instead link with ntdll or msvcrt.

This should have the advantage that:
a. It won't break things for Wine.
b. It shouldn't cause that many conflicts for ReactOS as imports don't 
change very often at all.
c. It should pacify these touchy ReactOS developers that have a problem 
with libunicode.

Do you see any problems with this approach?


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