CVS Update/Quicken popup/Help please/Followup

Carl Sopchak carl.sopchak at
Wed Feb 16 15:01:13 CST 2005

>> Carl Sopchak writes: 
> > I guess my problem is that I have NO CLUE as to how this SHOULD be 
> > Should the style be set to (style & ~WS_VISIBLE) when the rectangle is 
> > {0,0;0,0}?  Should {0,0;0,0} be considered a valid rectangle in 
> > validate_window_rectangles()?  Should validate_window_rectangles() only 
> > called if the rectangle is not {0,0;0,0}?  Or, very possibly, is there 
> > something else that should happen?  Just to see what happened, I commented 
> > out the call to validate_window_rectangles, and the popup disappeared as 
> > should.
> Alexandre Julliard replied:
> The client rectangle should have been set to {0,0;0,0} too. You should
> look at the WM_NCCALCSIZE processing (SWP_DoNCCalcSize in
> dlls/x11drv/winpos.c) and check what's happening there with the
> rectangles.

Ok, so what is happening is this:  In dlls/x11drv/winpos.c, the pNewWindowRect 
is coming into SWP_DoNCCalcSize as (0,0;0,0), wndPtr->rectWindow is 
(182,977;662;998), and wndPty->rectClient is (183,978;661,997).  Then 
winpos.c sends it's own WM_NCCALCSIZE message, and upon return, 
params.rgrc[0] is (1,1;1,1)!  This, in turn, causes the third and fourth 
conditions in the section commented as "If the application sends back 
garbage, ignore it" to be true, which in turn causes the next condition to be 
false, so the client rectangle (pNewClientRect) does NOT get set.  (Follow 
that?? <g>)

Tracing through the processing of this WM_NCCALCSIZE, I find it ends up 
generating two WM_NCCALCSIZE messages, one being handled by DefWindowProc32.  
This leads me to ./windows/defwnd.c, which calls NC_HandleNCCalcSize 
in ./windows/nonclient.c.  Within NC_HandleNCCalcSize, a call is made to 
NC_AdjustRectOuter, then the window's rectangle (winRect) is adjusted based 
on this call.  It is this call and adjustment of winRect that changes winRect 
from (0,0;0,0) to (1,1;-1,-1), which is later "fixed" to (1,1;1,1).

Diving deeper, into NC_AdjustRectOuter, I find that because the window style 
has WS_BOARDER set, adjust is set to 1, then InflateRect is called, which 
sets rect to (-1,-1;1,1) [returned to NC_HandleNCCalcSize tmpRect variable].

So, there's the problem.  The new rectangle size is (0,0;0,0), but has 
WS_BOARDER set, so the WM_NCCALCSIZE message returns (1,1;1,1) erroneously.

The only thing is, I'm still not sure where the "best" place would be to check 
for the new window rectangle of (0,0;0,0) and handle it appropriately - or 
what "appropriate" would be, for that matter...

Further help would be appreciated.



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