Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Wed Feb 16 17:04:14 CST 2005


I was working on bug#2716 - a trap running install which turned out to be
due to a missing registry key which wineprefixcreate should have created.
Now I had an excuse (I deleted *.reg for another test previously!) but the
reporter also got the same problem.

To quote:

"I've installed WINE via RPM package (there's a link to Mandrake package
maintainer's RPM with WINE version 20050211 on There is no
wineprefixcreate in it. I downloaded source tarball, which contains this
utility, but it is part of another script, which COMPILES wine and that's
what i want to avoid - system based on RPM's is more easily to maintain -
you don't have to search for all installed files when uninstalling....
(Compiled programs must always be deleted manually..... :-( ) 
But i don't understand why running wine rundll32.exe
setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 wine.inf DIDN'T put it
in? No error messages..... (That was what i did before running any program
with RPM based WINE). Although this helped, i found other problems, so i
finally installed WINE from source tarball, just to be sure, there is no
installation problem.... "

Can someone please clarify when wineprefixcreate is actually driven, and for
an RPM (which I've never installed, so apologies) how should this problem
have been created. 

(Mind you, in my case ie after deleting the registry, it would have been
nice for it to be pre-populate with some of the keys too!)


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