Winelib and SCons

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Thu Feb 17 02:13:19 CST 2005

Scott Ritchie wrote:

>Then, the developer needs to write his own makefiles and hammer autoconf
>and stuff into working right.  This is the hard part, and it's where I
>gave up when trying to port Miranda Instant Messenger with Winelib even
>though it worked in MinGW.  There are many other open source Windows
>apps out there that I'd like to try porting (say, eMule), but they're
>currently all written in Visual Studio and getting Visual Studio support
>into Winelib has been on our perpetual todo list for some years now.

I use dev-c++ from It has a very 
good dsw importer and makes a most simple MinGW makefile that can be 
used outside of dev-c++. Also on wine.
But who wants to go outside, It is loaded with goodies. Code completion 
debugging class browser the works. It has only 2 flaws. That it doesn't 
use the Scintilla editor, and that it doesn't drink it's own soup, see, 
even though it is GPLed it is written in Delphi.

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