[shell32tests/shelllink.c] Use aliases for ordinals (resend/rediff)

Hans Leidekker hans at it.vu.nl
Thu Feb 17 03:59:22 CST 2005

On Thursday 17 February 2005 02:06, Paul Millar wrote:

> I think it might be worth trying to push some of these patches 
> up-stream again.  That way, we are actually fixing MinGW.

Been there. The issue is that MinGW has a patch acceptance
policy that says that material should be documented by MS
to be acceptable. The practice of reverse engineering would
jeopardise the interests of some MinGW users I was told.

Clearly, functions exported by ordinal only are often (mostly?)

This is the very reason I am maintaining these patches; to
add just enough of the undocumented stuff to MinGW to make it
usable for compiling Wine tests. Stefan Leichter already has
been helping out recently, but we could use more helping hands
of course. 


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