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Andreas Mohr andi at
Thu Feb 17 04:05:06 CST 2005


On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 02:08:47PM +0000, Oliver Stieber wrote:
> > 		2) Is there any sort of goal that the people
> > working on d3d9 dlls have set as far as a date they
> > would like to have it done by?  Or is it just one of
> > those "It will be done when it's done" sort of
> > things?
> > 
> ...Last month!
Good attitude! :)

> I'm not sure what I'm going to work on next, possibly
> more 'completeness' and performance in DirextX 9 to
> give applications a good chance of running as well as
> games, or maybe some d3dx9 work so that winelib can
> compile more DirextX 9, or maybe try getting
> Microsofts new GUI Avalon working under wine.

I'm certainly not authorized to tell you what to do,
but what benefit would Avalon bring us?
It's not even really released, i.e. its applicability
should be very limited.

OTOH almost perfect support for DX9 games would be MUCH
more useful IMHO, since lack of gaming support is the #1 reason
for many people for not being able to switch to Linux...

Thanks for the incredible work so far!

Andreas Mohr

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